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I am a Melbourne-based artist who was born in South America, Chile.

In my first year of university, I was introduced to Australian artist Mr. Dudley Drew who was my mentor over many years.

My preferred mediums are oil paints and pastels. Oils allow me to push and pull the paint to its limits, and the multi-layering aspect of the creative process that leads the painting to take the form intended is intensely satisfying. This flexibility provides the artist with endless learning possibilities within the one painting. Pastel medium is less forgiving but beautiful just the same. 


I am fascinated by the delicate dance of light and shade that can be choreographed by color and tone. Through this journey, I continue to seek inspiration from subjects that evoke emotion, art that pokes my memory. My early fascination with the works of the masters of Romanticism, John Constable and Karl Friedrich, coupled with my admiration for realism, have led me to the style of Romantic Realism.

Naturally, there are many artists past and present and of various Disciplines from whom I draw ongoing inspiration, artists such as; El Greco, Velazquez, Dudley Drew, Margaret Ollie, Arthur Streeton, Margaret Preston, Sidney Nolan, Carlos Catasse, Camilo Mori, Marie Bracquemond, Elisabeth Vigee Le Brun, Ariane Beigneux and an array of others, well known or not.

I am a member of the Victorian Art Society and The Pastel Society of Victoria, Australia INC. I have exhibited work in various art shows and my artwork is represented in various private collections.

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